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Experience the exclusive drink tasting with some of the very finest and most tasty products from BrandStar Alliance. With inspiration from the wild, mystic and enchanting Sweden.

Meet the founders and producers, and at the same time drinks entrepreneurs Steven Kautzky Andersson and Catherine Engelbrekt. The duo that created the internationally acclaimed and award-winning GIN-trilogy Enastående Magnificent Gin, Stjärnklar Starry Gin and Supermåne Supermoon Gin, and Vildkatt By Sweden that has been awarded both gold and master medals in the ultra-premium gin and cask-aged gin categories from the drinks authorities behind The Spirits Business and The Drinks Business.

You will enjoy drinks that have been referred to as some of the best in the world. In addition, you will get to know more about what it is that drives Steven Kautzky Andersson and Catherine Engelbrekt forward, what is the basis of their passion and strong conviction to develop a series of niched, characteristic and complex drinks, that belongs to the finest spirits.

We offer a personal meeting where we open-heartedly share about how we - with a combination of courage, power and energy - have chosen to go our own way. This has made us extremely humble, but it has also given us a lot of authority and valuable experiences. We talk about entrepreneurship and brand development, what has been our driving force from the day one, based on our aim to develop something new and genuine, with content that keeps its promise, which shall be able to appeal to the drinks enthusiast and the bon vivant as well as the connoisseur and the collector, says Steven Kautzky Andersson and Catherine Engelbrekt.

VIP-treatment - Together we create a unique drink tasting
The drink tasting BrandStar Alliance offers can be adjusted according to your wishes. It can be from a short opportunity up to a couple of days with specially designed food and drink experiences. The drinks can also be integrated as a creative part of the cooking together with a chef. The drink tasting can be combined with customized cocktails or BrandStar Alliance´s own specially designed exclusive signature cocktails.

On special occasions, BrandStar Alliance can offer you a special designed mobile bar together with skilled bar staff that comes with an exemplary hospitality. We tailor a personal drink menu adapted to the current event and the extraordinary experience you want to achieve.

A drink tasting can come in many different forms
1. With selected drinks/brands.
2. With concluding signature cocktail.
3. With a classic cocktail before and a digestive after dinner.
4. With dinner, where the drinks have been integrated in the cooking.
5. With a customized signature cocktail.

It can take place at
- Business meetings
- Jubilees
- Ceremonies
- Weddings
- Dinners
- Art, dance, music and culture events

Some voices from participants
The flavours are what decide, every time. And then to enjoy a powerful series of drinks of absolute world class combined with the story behind the idea and their common driving force certainly adds an extra depth to the drink tasting!

Steven and Catherine form a perfect combo of a business driven and creative entrepreneurship where the idea of creating drink experiences of the absolutely highest quality indeed have fully succeeded. These two are humble and energetic, with an authority that can only be admired!

Pleasant taste experiences that felt innovative and different, in an inspiring way. I also got to learn new things about what the concept ultra-premium implies and how to work with brand development!

I got to experience powerful and pleasant tastes and fragrances. I learned more about how high-quality drinks can be developed and produced in an innovative and exemplary way, something I can apply to my own function in a different area of operation!

Some voices from organizers
We carried out our own event for 100 guests in collaboration with Catherine Engelbrekt and Steven Kautzky Andersson. It was a drink tasting combined with an aperitif followed by a specially designed dinner in which I used selected characters and ingredients of the drinks from BrandStar Alliance for inspiration in my cooking. The response was very positive, the place was crowded and the guests had a wonderful experience where food and drinks combined with nice company contributed to an extraordinary event!

Malin Söderström, recognized star chef and restaurant keeper whose merits include being responsible for the Nobel-Prize dinner and other prestigious assignments.

Catherine Engelbrekt and Steven Kautzky Andersson offer something that is both personal and admirable, regarding their enthralling journey and driving force in producing some of the very finest drinks. We arranged a theme-weekend called “GIN-makers weekend” including drink tasting, cocktail party, bar scene and dinner where the drinks were included as an exciting part of the cooking. It was very appreciated among our fine guests, but also among our wonderful staff!

Britt-Marie Bäcke, Sommelier, entrepreneur and hotel manager at Almåsa Havshotell.

Click and read more about BrandStar Alliance’s drink tasting which were carried out together with Almåsa Havshotell.

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