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Our GIN-trilogy Enastående Magnificent Gin, Stjärnklar Starry Gin and Supermåne Supermoon Gin are all three carriers of powerful taste that should be enjoyed moderately to come to its full right. In its perfection our GIN-trilogy shall be enjoyed as a pure sip, but they work just as well together with a finer tonic.

The GIN-trilogy are among the world’s very finest and most tasty drinks within the ultra-premium category. It has attracted attention and been prize-awarded by such leading authorities as The Spirits Business, IWSC – International Wine & Spirit Competition, World Gin Awards and The Drinks Business Awards.
We have high demands on ingredients as well as the conceptualization, and we are driven by the genuine tastes and the authentic artistry. Starting from our history and our love for genuine handcraft we aim to curiously and exploratory contribute to a drinking tradition that will appeal to bon vivants and connoisseurs as well as enthusiasts and collectors. It has taken time to develop our spirits, says Steven Kautzky Andersson, founder and spirits enthusiast and Catherine Engelbrekt, co-owner and business developer.

Here we offer you some classic drink recipes, a couple of GT’s and some specially designed cocktails with our GIN-trilogy at the centre. Have a nice taste!
3-4 cl Enastående Magnificent Gin
2 cl elder syrup
2-4 cl Champagne
Angostura orange bitters
4-6 cl fine elder tonic
2 slices of lime
1 slice of orange
1 slice oven dried orange
15-20 cm shredded orange zest
Cocktail ice

Pour Enastående Magnificent Gin and then the elder syrup in a fitting sized glass. Add a slice of lemon and fill up to the edge of the glass with ice. Drape the ice by spraying a few drops of angostura orange bitters. Add tonic up to a couple of centimetres from the edge of the glass. Feel free to garnish with a slice of lime and a slice of orange inside the glass, and then put the oven dried orange slice on top. Decorate with the shredded orange zest, with one end of it wriggling over the edge of the glass. Finish by adding Champagne up to the edge of the glass in direct connection with the serving of the drink. We have chosen the Swedish Champagne house Hatt et Söner’s Les Matines (2-4 cl). A fine dry Champagne or Cava are other alternatives.

Enastående Sparkling Slick Gin can also be enjoyed as a non-alcoholic drink. Replace gin, angostura orange bitters and Champagne with, for example, Richard Juhlin’s non-alcoholic sparkling Blanc de Blancs. Add an extra 1 cl extra of the elder syrup and some extra tonic. Finish with some drops of orange oil from pressed orange zest.

2 cl (4 cl) Enastående Magnificent Gin
3 cl (6 cl) finer rhubarb tonic
A couple of lime slices in the bottom
Clear round cocktail ice
A couple of cut chili strings (medium hot)
Lime zest

Put the lemon slices in the glass. Pour over Enastående Magnificent Gin, then add the ice. Fill up with tonic. Put the chili strings along the edge of the glass. Decorate with lime zest.

3 cl Enastående Magnificent Gin
3 cl Red vermouth
3 cl Campari Bitter
1 clear large cocktail ice
1 wider orange zest (red orange)

5 cl Enastående Magnificent Gin
1 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 finer elder tonic
Ice up to the edge of the glass
Lemon zest

A more refreshing alternative:
5 cl Enastående Magnificent Gin
2 cl elder syrup
1 finer elder tonic
Ice up to the edge of the glass
2 slices of lemon
Lemon zest

Experience the taste of summer, luxury and flair when it is most enjoyable with our prize-awarded gold medallist Stjärnklar Starry Gin in a specially designed and luxurious cocktail.

Blueberry syrup (3 dl)
1 dl granulated sugar
2 dl water
15 blueberries

5 cl Stjärnklar Starry Gin
3 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice
3 cl blueberry syrup
1 egg-white

1. Boil up water with sugar. Take off from the stove and let the syrup cool.
2. Pour 10-15 blueberries into the syrup
3. Put the shaker in the fridge to get it cold.
4. Squeeze the lemon.

Create the drink
1. Pour gin, lemon juice, syrup and egg-white into shaker. Shake firmly for 20 seconds.
2. Add ice and shake a couple of times. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with blueberries.

5 cl Stjärnklar Starry Gin
3 cl blueberry syrup (or black currant)
2 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice
5 cl finer blueberry tonic
Clear round cocktail ice
Mint leaves as a garnish

Fill the shaker with Stjärnklar Starry gin, blueberry syrup (or black currant), lemon juice and ice. Shake firmly for 20 seconds. Fill the glass with cocktail ice. Strain into the glass and stir. Finish with tonic and decorate with mint leaves.

3 cl Supermåne Supermoon Gin
One ice cube
Cut out a triangle on the middle of the inside of medium hot chili, use it as a support when placing the chili on the inside of the glass’s edge.

5 cl Supermåne Supermoon Gin
1 bar spoon syrup
2-3 drops of angostura bitters
Lemon zest

Pour Supermåne Supermoon Gin, syrup and angostura bitters in a glass with ice, stir it and garnish with lemon zest.
4 cl Supermåne Supermoon Gin
3 cl coffee syrup
Drops of angostura orange bitters
2 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice
4 cl elder tonic
Finer cocktail ice to the edge of the glass
1 oven dried orange slice

Fill a shaker with Supermåne Supermoon Gin, coffee syrup, angostura orange bitters, lemon juice and ice. Shake firmly for 20 seconds. Fill the glass with cocktail ice. Strain into the glass, and stir. Finish with tonic and decorate with an oven dried orange slice or something else that enhances the element of coffee.

For more drink recipes, contact us at BrandStar Alliance. If you create your own drinks and cocktails, please let us know and tell us about your recipes. Maybe you would like to share your favourite recipes, and add some nice pictures too.

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