Strong Lady™ – The Queen Edition highlights the modern beautiful woman in its own personal way, a stylish beverage, with a strong character – a spirit of the highest quality.
In 2015 we aimed to launch one of the world’s most high-class seasoned vodka in two editions: Strong Lady - The Pearl and Strong Lady - The Golden.

Strong Lady™ was a new contribution for bon vivants, connoisseurs and drink enthusiasts. The UltraViolet in Shanghai, one of the world’s most prestigious restaurants with three stars in the Michelin Guide, tested Strong Lady™ together with other representatives from first class restaurants. Among them were Frantzen’s Kitchen in Hong Kong and Wynn Palace in Macau. Several Swedish and European drink experts also attended the test.

Very pleasant. Can’t remember that I have experienced a similar scent. Very nice character, with sea buckthorn and elder in perfect balance. A clear and floral Swedish summer, with a rounded texture. It is subtle. Swedish exotic, with another tone. Exclusive. There exists a reverence, said the internationally recognized beverage expert, sommelier and gastronome Michel Jamais after testing the foundation of the Strong Lady™ recipe.

In conjunction with what was meant to be BrandStar Alliances first release the pandemic got in the way, so they had to pull the emergency brake. At that time a limited amount of Strong Lady™ was stored in Swedish oak barrels for a year.

We chose the name Strong Lady™ as a tribute to the modern woman, with inspiration from Helena Ström. She was an unsurpassed woman who during the latter half of the 17th century operated a tavern, an inn and a chalet. She was one of Sweden's first female restaurateurs, known far and wide for her strong personality and authority. StrongLady™ is a spirit aimed for both women and men, says BrandStar Alliance founder Steven Kautzky Andersson, who today has his home on grounds adjacent to places where Helena Ström was active.

Strong Lady

The very best of experiences
Strong Lady™ - The Queen Edition is crafted by people who care for the best of experiences, with a sense of purity and authenticity. It is made with the finest herbs and ingredients from northern Sweden. An environment that provides the freshest water, cleanest air as well as strong nutritious soil. These unique characteristics make its flavor palatable and come alive.

I’m excited when I get the opportunity together with BrandStar Alliance to develop a brand like StrongLady™ that is so unique and different. It is authentic. It has a good fragrance. It must take time to make an exclusive beverage like this. It’s a special journey. There is something that is very interesting and different with it. The taste includes a spicy sting with a sweet undertone. They transpire right after each other. A strong lady who has both parts. In my opinion, there are no other similar brands on the market today. It also is a brand beautiful to look at. This is truly one of the finest recipes I have worked with. I am really satisfied, says Solveig Sommarström, recognized leading and rewarded master blender, chemist, water- and aroma expert, that has ensured the original recipes for Strong Lady - The Pearl and Strong Lady - The Golden together with Steven Kautzky Andersson and Catherine Engelbrekt.

Experience extraordinary

We have chosen an alcohol content of 38 percent, which highlights the ingredients' characteristic tastes in the best possible way. Preferably served between 8-10ºC. At this temperature, the flavor and aromas precisely culminate.

Strong Lady™ - The Queen Edition is the fifth release of the company’s twelve different products that BrandStar Alliance have developed.

Regarding that we initially had developed two recipes of Strong Lady™ as unaged spirits it is now even more fun that we came out with a third, and it is our first edition of a stored and seasoned vodka. The pandemic also made us choose to develop and launch our recognized and rewarded gin-trilogy as BrandStar Alliance’s first release. Through that we gained insight into the business and we are now ready for the current release of Strong Lady™ - The Queen Edition, says Steven Kautzky Andersson.

The result is this exclusive release of 24 numbered bottles!

With Strong Lady™ - The Queen Edition we strike the tone! It is an extremely pleasant drink, it is a timeless, elegant and stylish spirits, and of course it shall be savoured by both women and men. With balanced flavors from summery botanicals a nice texture is created together with the round oak spice. Strong Lady™ - The Queen Edition wonderfully luxurious and worthy to be enjoyed straight in the best moments of life. It fits our approach perfectly, as a small but relevant beverage company with a knowledge and a heartful driving force when it comes of developing and secure spirits of the highest quality. We are humble but at the same time very proud to be able to present this unique limited aged seasoned spirits, says Catherine Engelbrekt, co-owner and product developer at BrandStar Alliance.

Systembolaget’s order number: 59027
Character: Stored one year in Swedish oak barrel
Botanicals: Sea buckthorn and elder Alc/Vol: 38 percent

Make an order of Strong Lady - The Queen Edition at Systembolaget, the Swedish government retail-owned liquor store. Limited to 24 numbered 500 ml bottles.
Strong Lady