The potential of the aroma is different for various plants. It is important to find the right balance between the aromas so that they all reach their full potential. It is a challenge, and you have to make a lot of attempts to get there. I use my nose and my intuition that I have gathered from many years of practice. The GIN-trilogy is powerful and for it I have chosen plants from Swedish nature, strengthened by spices that all have been of great inspiration through the work, says Solveig Sommarström.
Solveig Sommarström is one of Europe’s leading and most reputable master blenders as well as chemist and water and aroma expert. Member of the Swedish Academy of Spirits. She was appointed Head of Laboratory at Vin & Sprit at the age of 27. Today she has forty years of industry experience from time at many leading brands, among them Absolut.
The names carry our history
The Swedish names for the three pieces of our GIN-trilogy are reminders of our history, origin and the production process where the wild Swedish nature gets its indigenous place. Enastående Magnificent Gin, Stjärnklar Starry Gin and Supermåne Supermoon Gin get the inspiration from experiences from around our rivers, deep forests and blue mountains. That is where founder Steven Kautzky Andersson and co-owner Catherine Engelbrekt gathered elements and ingredients for the different products.

During the magnificent starry evening on March 9 2020 when the Supermoon shone brightly against the black sky we put parts of our ingredients in glass bottles that we placed in the water source on the mountain near Tevsjö. They laid there in the light of the Supermoon and were then carried down to the distillery to become part of the spirits now launched by the names Enastående Magnificent Gin, Stjärnklar Starry Gin and Supermåne Supermoon Gin, says Steven Kautzky Andersson and Catherine Engelbrekt of BrandStar Alliance.

The characters of the different tastes
All spirits have a 45 per cent alcohol content to make sure to highlight the characters of the different tastes. The package is made in bottles of 500 ml. The basis made of juniper, coriander and lemon peel is a 96 per cent pure distillate that is one of the roundest and finest in the world today.
A lovely trilogy of gin where the classic meets innovation. Here is a clear scent of juniper nicely backed by other plants, both fruity and spicy. All three gins have a very nice structure and delicious fruitiness, and they are gratefully freed from sweetness, says Michel Jamais.

Michel Jamais, noted for his books on wine, spirits and food. He is also an internationally requested and popular lecturer, educator and sommelier. Many of the world’s leading sommeliers have been coached by Michel Jamais.

No 1. Enastående Magnificent Gin

Full of character and aromatic, nicely spicy. There is a subtile nuance of summery bloom hiding beneath the juniper seasoning. One can perceive the fruitiness of the sea buckthorn and a soft tone of elderberry bloom.
Michel Jamais

Systembolaget’s order number: 5121302
- sea buckthorn
- elderberry

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BrandStar Alliance

No 2. Stjärnklar Starry Gin

A delicate sweetish nuance of Seville orange and citrus and a distinctive juniper seasoning. There is also a complex earthiness in the fragrance. The flavouring agents of blueberries, tormentil, rowanberries and angelica root make up a very successful combination. Michel Jamais

Systembolaget’s order number: 5121402
- blueberries
- tormentil
- rowan berries
- angelica root

Make an order at Systembolaget, the Swedish government retail-owned liquor store.

BrandStar Alliance

No 3. Supermåne Supermoon Gin

A nice fruitiness and aromatic spiciness dominate the fragrance. The combination of the ginger’s fruitiness, the horseradish’s earthiness and the bloom of the black pepper is perfect, and simultaneously the juniper are noticeable. Elegant and exciting, in tandem with the well kept character of gin. Michel Jamais

Systembolaget’s order number: 5122502
- horseradish
- black pepper
- ginger

Make an order at Systembolaget, the Swedish government retail-owned liquor store.

BrandStar Alliance
All three of these gins are fantastic to use for Gin Tonic, most preferably if you chose a better tonic like Elderberry Tonic. The distinctive gin spice matches perfect in the finished drink, regarding both fragrance and taste, something not all new gins are capable of. For a classic Dry Martini the Enastående Magnificent Gin is perfect with its fruitiness and slightly smoother taste
– but mix it with a very dry vermouth, for example Noilly Prat, says Michel Jamais.
The launch
BrandStar Alliance was launching the GIN-trilogy in Sweden through Systembolaget’s order assortment in the summer of 2021. It was the first series of the company’s twelve different products that they have developed during the last five years. The intention is to offer a series of exclusive spirits with distinguished experiences of tastes combined with Swedish craftmanship and design. All the recipes has been created together with Solveig Sommarström.

We are driven by the genuine tastes and the authentic artistry. Based on our history and our love to Swedish design we want to curiously search and contribute to the drinking tradition with products appealing to both beverage enthusiasts and bon vivants as well as connoisseurs and collectors. Our aim is to be an exciting complement to many of the finest premium and ultra-premium products already on the market, says Steven Kautzky Andersson and Catherine Engelbrekt.