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BrandStar Alliance is an innovation driven beverage company owned by the founder Steven Kautzky Andersson and partner Catherine Engelbrekt. The company has a pronounced strategy to develop different types of exclusive lifestyleproducts in the segment of ultra-premium, the category where you will experience some of the world's finest and tastiest drinks and where the content lives up to its promise.

Through close collaboration with some of Sweden's finest creative artists, designers and craftsmen along with business-oriented entrepreneurs, the conditions for developing strong, high-quality and limited brands have been created. This is achieved with a focus on generating perceived added value for those who want to consume something greater in life.
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BrandStar Alliance

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Strong Lady®

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From day one we have been passionate about our calling as a lifestyle and beverage company in Sweden. This film portrays our philosophy, drive and love for creating a series of spirits of the absolute best quality. With a content that keeps what it promises. An artisanal artistry, with genuinely powerful flavours in perfect balance, for exclusive drinking experience in its perfection. Ultra-Premium - when quality in every detail makes a difference.

Steven Kautzky Andersson


Steven Kautzky Andersson

CEO, founder, beverage enthusiast and brand manager

Steven Kautzky Andersson, a beverage enthusiast, has from an early age been fond of high-quality drinks, strongly attached to different stories around production and the genuine craftmanship. He got his idea of developing and producing exclusive and artisanal beverages of the highest quality through inspiration from the place where he lives, where Helena Ström, an unsurpassed woman from the 17th century, once lived. She was one of Sweden’s first female restaurateurs. That was where the idea to the exclusive seasoned vodka spirits Strong Lady was born. Steven turned to Catherine Engelbrekt for partnership. Her experience from leading brands withing different sensory areas made it into a natural choice for a collaboration.

As a youngster Steven established himself as an internationally acclaimed guitarist, composer and artist, endorsed by Gibson Guitars. At the age of 17 he lived in Los Angeles where he studied guitar under the guidance of some of the world’s leading and most distinguished teachers. His album “Gipsy Power” was described as a sensational debut with an intricate and virtuosic guitarplaying, an instrumental album that got nominated for a Grammis and climbed to top ten of the Japanese charts.

At 22 he started his first company, signing joint venture agreements with world-leading companies and brands such as Universal, Warner and EMI-Toshiba. These experiences gave him an increased and deeper knowledge of international communication, marketing and strategies. Steven Kautzky Andersson bears experience from over 25 years as a brand manager and communication strategist. He is passionate about his work, and he is an appreciated lecturer in Brand Management. He has had more than 1 000 assignments for some of Sweden’s most successful SME companies, supporting them with strategies regarding brand development and what creates value-driven, genuine and trustworthy business relations.

Steven Kautzky Andersson

Catherine Engelbrekt

Partner, product developer and designer

Catherine Engelbrekt is a strong, business-oriented woman with passion for relations and good communication as well as conceptualization and design. She is passionate about ensuring good drinking experiences that enrich life, that should be enjoyed in moderation. At a young age, she was taken under the wings of Erling Persson, founder of H&M (Hennes & Mauritz), the world leading fashion, design and clothing company. There, she was a regional manager and worked with the communication and establishment of H&M's (Hennes & Mauritz) brand and stores in Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and England, which later helped lay the foundation of H&M's (Hennes & Mauritz) leading global position.

Over the years, Catherine Engelbrekt has been active in the fashion, design, clothing and perfume industry, where she has represented and consulted on behalf of several established, innovative and leading brands. For Lindex, which is currently one of Sweden's leading clothing and fashion brands, she worked with the communication and establishment of their brand and stores in Sweden and Germany. Catherine has also worked as a managing director for Ewa i Walla, the internationally established and innovative leading Swedish design brand of women's clothing, garment filled with passion, personality, beauty and attitude. This has given Catherine Engelbrekt qualified experiences in different business establishment and international relations. She has also run her own company, including assignments from the world-leading brand IKEA and other exciting lifestyle brands.

In addition, she worked as a location manager and director and was one of the driving forces in developing the well-known perfume brand Björk & Berries - The Natural Fragrance of Sweden, the world's first natural scented perfume. Catherine has also helped hundreds of socially disadvantaged people find meaning in life. She is passionate about making a difference and giving back to society. Therefore, she likes to give lectures as a teacher within the school, where she is highly valued. She has a black belt in karate (martial arts).

Catherine Engelbrekt

Catherine Engelbrekt

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